Adam Frieberg
Minister, Computer Programmer, Geographer, Photographer
Sabbatical 2014

captures, reflections, sketches of and about images Even though Adam lacks classical training, he tries to pay attention an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Adam serves the church and the world, experimenting with non-traditional models of ministry "didn't I already solve this once?"
the reminders of frontend (JS/TS), backend (C#), database (T-SQL)
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August - November 2014
Adam and Heidi go across the U.S. on trains, retreat at monasteries,
and live in Jerusalem and Rome. Attempting to be "guests" for the entirety.
Discovering new ways of looking at humans' relationships with each other and their spaces

T minus 18 hours until Heidi Haverkamp and I go on sabbatical.

I'd like to say it's been a seven-year countdown for this trip. But it hasn't -- and if it had, that would have been even more unhealthy than this current mad-dash to the finish line.

Yesterday I solved three UI issues for the "regular work" project I had to sign-off on.

Today, I've,
1. finalized arrangements with my Sunday School teachers who are filling in for me while we're away these three months
2. done a 5-hour sexual abuse prevention training that our church thankfully requires for all leaders working with youth
3. updated someone from our congregation going through the discernment process to become a deacon about the committee's timeline and its unfortunate delay of a month
4. mowed the lawn
5. paid the bills
6. done four loads of laundry

Maybe at some point this evening, I should pack.

Tomorrow morning we have our second baptism of the month at church. The congregation is also going to bless Heidi and I before driving us to our local train station where we'll board a three-day/two-night train for Emeryville, CA.

All of this may seem like I'm doing it "at the last minute," but I'm not sure that I really am.

There is time remaining. There will always be more time.

I remember my trip at the beginning of my senior year at TCU, when I went to study in Florence. The night before leaving - at 1:15AM or so, I sent David Gunn (my professor/employer/collaborator) a note that I'd just finished a build of the new web service + WinForms application and deployed them to our server. Attached in the email was the latest version and a note that I could still make changes from Florence if he found anything that wasn't working as expected. Kindly, he let most of his feature requests wait until January when I'd returned.

Flash forward to now and I remember that there is time remaining. There will always be more time. I'm not going to live under the oppression of scarcity and miss the moments that I have.

The work will never end. The priorities will always be under scrutiny - most of all, by me. But I'm eager to travel these next three months ... to figure out more of who I innately am ... and, with Heidi, to see what it's like to be a stranger, a pilgrim, and a guest.

Now, to get to packing ...